Top Free AI Tools for Digital Marketers

Believe it or not, AI has hit the mainstream.  

Good or bad, marketers and content writers are having all sorts of conversations about the use cases of AI tools. In such a scenario, it is essential to explore some free AI tools for digital marketers beyond ChatGPT.  

Stay tuned to this conversation as we dive deeper into the world of AI tools that help with more than writing.

How to use AI in marketing


This is your go-to free AI tool that analyses multiple data points to rate your marketing campaign. You might miss some loopholes, but Lebesgue does not!  

  • Find critical errors in the campaign 
  • Audit your ad accounts automatically  
  • Market research and competitive analysis  
  • Assess the profitability of your business  

While this tool has paid features, you can start with a free plan and experience the change. 


How tiring is it to entertain your customers daily? Additionally, hiring agents to look at each query can create a hole in your company’s budget.  

Waitlyst is the AI agent that drives autonomous growth in your company. From converting sign-ups to paying customers and simplifying the complex workflow – this does it all.  

You also get to know the customers that are slipping away or churning. 

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If you are tired of organizing your virtual workspace, welcome to the saga of AI-powered workspace. With this, you don’t need multiple other free AI tools to organize the meetings and notes.  

This software can help you with the following: 

  • Meeting notes 
  • Product management 
  • Knowledge management 
  • HR & recruiting 
  • Tasks and to-dos 
  • Remote work 
  • UX research 

One of the most surprising parts is it has a free version for personal use. Hence, you can invest after trying the free AI tools for digital marketers.  

Seventh Sense  

Some AI tools for content marketing genuinely come with a seventh sense, don’t they?  

This is one such tool that not only eliminates your dependence on HubSpot but also reduces work anxiety. One of the most striking features of this tool is one-to-one email delivery at a scale.  

You can schedule or send the campaign at your time. However, the recipients will receive it as per their time zones. Interesting, isn’t it? This further enhances the email open rates and conversions.  


Writing is one thing, curating is another, and designing is the highlight!  

This indicates the process through which content goes through after completion. However, Gamma is one of the free AI tools for digital marketers that will bring the alpha out of you.  

It helps you write content without worrying about formatting and designing. In short, there are ready-to-use templates available for you. All you need to do is give a command and wait for the magic to happen.  

From landing pages to website pages and newsletters – everything is available at Gamma.  

Pro Rank Tracker  

What is the point of SEO if you can’t track the results? Free AI tools like Pro Rank Tracker help you decide if you are making efforts in the right direction.  

While this helps you track the current rank of your URL, it can also help you with the following: 

  • Track the rank of your URL 
  • Analyze your rankings using data and charts, and make informed decisions  
  • Create reports for your firm or clients to help them understand the performance with evidence  


Despite having thousands of contacts, you may fail to cater to the liking of each contact. However, it is possible to do that with Personalize.  

Free AI tools for digital marketers like these help you to understand the top three products or services your contact likes. Eventually, you can use this data to customize email marketing and do customer segmentation.  


Are you planning world domination without optimizing the language? Bad idea!  

As a digital marketer working at a global level, you need to have an accurate translation of your marketing content. This AI-based tool will help you translate the entire document into the language of your choice.  


Surfer is an intelligent digital tool that generates content outlines and keywords and edits your content.  

It is solely designed to optimize your content pieces for ranking on Google SERP. In addition, you can audit the existing copy and analyze your content based on 500 ranking metrics used by this tool. 


This is one of the free AI tools for digital marketers who are into restaurants and food businesses. You get customer insights, and it helps you use them for content marketing and creating loyalty programs for them.  

Moreover, you can send customers customized discounts based on their birthdays and anniversaries. It helps you focus on your core business while the dashboard does all the analytical work.  

Wrapping Up

Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing

Given all the free AI tools for digital marketers mentioned above, we can conclude that time efficiency is the driving factor. The speed with which these free AI tools work helps amplify human efforts.

Are you ready to amplify your business with these AI tools?

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