Applications of IOT in Home Automation

Imagine a home where you can monitor, control, and regulate your home appliances without having a direct person-to-gadget interaction. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a new technology that allows specific activities to be automatically carried out in response to certain circumstances. 

For instance, when your bedroom light turns on as you enter without you having to manually flip on the switch. A Home Automation system is the automation of your home appliances, and it is also referred to as a smart home system or smart house. 

You can easily manage your home gadgets like fans, lights, televisions, and even alarm systems through the IoT applications in your home. Subsequently, experts anticipate this technology to reach a booming rate of 30.9 billion active connections by 2025 as people keep exploring its many benefits. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the benefits of IoT in home automation and its several applications to make our daily lives easier. 

Benefits of IoT in Home Automation

Benefits of IOT in home automation

Besides the fanciful aspect of having a smart home to show off to your friends, there are significant benefits this technology offers. Some of them include

#1. Convenience

The best home automation system allows you to manage all your home appliances in a single place. Connecting your home technology promptly through one app or interface is a huge step in advancing your smart home. 

All you need to do is get conversant with the workings of the connecting app on your mobile device. Afterwards, you can then access the limitless smart functionality of your IoT home automation.

#2. Maximum Security

In addition to the elite feel that IoT devices give to your house, you are guaranteed high security all day round at home. When you activate surveillance and security features on your smart house network, you boost your home safety. 

For instance, your smart home automation system can connect automated door locks, motion detectors, and most safety measures so you can keep your house theft-proof. Additionally, you can decide to get security notifications on your devices and regulate activities from any part of the world.

#3. Flexibility

An additional advantage of the smart home system is its ability to accommodate new appliances and technology. You may subsequently decide to upgrade your collection of home gadgets, and with IoT technology, you do not have to worry about compatibility. 

#4. Improved Energy Efficiency

You can make your smart home more energy efficient by harnessing your home automation functionality. For example, you can significantly control your cooling and heating activities with an operational smart thermostat. 

Due to its quick learning attribute of your preferences, it can suggest and schedule the ideal energy-efficient settings for your home. You can set your Motorized shades and lights to transform to evening mode as the sun goes down, as well as turn off your lights automatically when you leave.

#5. Remotely controlled Home Functionalities

The utopic reality that the IoT in home automation gives off encourages most people to use it continuously. You can cool your home temperature on a hot summer day without being nearby. Furthermore, you can preheat your oven remotely a few minutes before driving into your yard or even ensure you switch off your media devices. 

Your unlimited control over your home devices allows you to live a more seamless and productive lifestyle.

#6. Boosted Appliance Operationality

A good boost to having the best smart home system is that it enables you to operate your appliances more effectively. On a typical day, your smart TV can suggest channels to tune in to. Alternatively, your smart oven can aid you in preparing your turkey to perfection without the failure of undercooking or overcooking. Ultimately, by connecting your smart systems, you enjoy improved appliance efficiency for your family.

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10 IoT Applications in Home Automation

Here are some of the various IoT applications you can implement in creating your smart home;

Appication of Internet of Things

#1. Smart Lighting

You can easily adjust the lighting in your smart home without manually switching it off and on. Your lighting preferences can be automatically considered when you are either away or present at home. For instance, when watching a movie with your family, the remote light control feature can reduce light instantly to give you a cinema-like environment. 

Your mobile devices can control your smart home system and regulate the activation of your light bulbs to save energy in the long run. 

#2. Smart Garage

You can turn your regular door into a vault-level security passage with IoT technology. By using a setup program and face detection software connected to the central device, you can secure your garage doors. 

In the case of a smart garage door, it can notify you whenever a vehicle enters and also control the opening and shutting process of the door.  

#3. Smart Bathrooms

You can harness the functionality of IoT in your bathroom to make your self-care routine more convenient and enjoyable. Your smart mirrors can connect to other smart devices like your computer, recognize the faces of your family, and reveal helpful information to them. 

Other bathroom censors can ascertain when no one is in the bathroom and turn off the running water. They can also identify your preferred shower temperature and save you time adjusting tap knobs.

#4. Smart TVs for Entertainment

A source of home entertainment for the family is television shows. A smart TV can help you figure out amazing channels without manually flipping through. You can also regulate your TV lighting to suit the time of the day and ultimately protect your eyes from harsh rays. 

#5. Smart Gardens

Sensors aid you in cultivating fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the backyard garden. You can use your mobile app to check the correct temperature, if your plant is well hydrated, or get proper sunlight. 

The smart application can also track the soil and use smart irrigation to water the plants. Additional technology also detects when the soil is adequately moisturized and turns off water to prevent wastage.

 #6. Safety Smart Sensors

You can protect your house with safety sensors, which are intelligent devices that can notify you in case of intruders. These devices can instantly alert you in the case of hazards and take protective actions to secure your home. 

You would require a smartphone connected to the internet access and specific sensors put in particular positions in the house. Your sensors can monitor the humidity, gas controllers, and humidity of the house environment and notify you of an unusual change in them. 

Furthermore, you can prevent natural damages like fire outbreaks, gas leaks, and water leaks with IoT sensors. Video sensors can also capture human movement and warn you with an alarm if unwanted people lurk around the house.

 #7. Smart Temperature Control

Regardless of whatever part of the world you are in, you can sit comfortably at home at an optimum temperature. You do not have to worry about catching a cold or getting scalding rashes from extreme heat as you sleep. 

This is because the smart temperature control can activate the thermostats to regulate the temperature to your preferred setting. For instance, when you shower, the app can automatically raise or lower the temperature adequately. Also, during workouts, the temperature is set to a suitable level convenient for an effective session.

#8. Smart Windows

Your house windows can be set up smartly and respond to signals from external triggering situations. During a rainy period, you don’t have to worry much about whether you shut them, smart applications detect it and do the needful. Most smart windows also monitor the weather, seasons, and time and adjust the shutters to your convenience.

#9. Smart Doors

Technological advancements are rapidly creating a future where our doors will not need physical keys to be opened and locked. With the help of IoT, you can use facial recognition software with the IDs of your family members to unlock your doors. 

Additionally, the doors are activated to open and close as you approach them using sensor technologies. Overall, you can harness the ripple effect of one functionality on the next, such as the door opening and then the lights getting turned on.

#10. Smart Home Routine

Beyond gaining complete control of your entire household appliances with the touch of a button, smart home automation can smoothen your home routine process. Your app can suggest, schedule, and order your favourite meals or movie subscription in seconds. 

Final Words

The impact of the Internet of Things on home automation has created a seamless way of living and overall provided a more productive time. Your security and home routine get to be top-notch when you can see its regular functioning from anywhere in the world. 

The convenience and flexibility of a smart home hub enable you to live an energy-efficient lifestyle. Furthermore, you get to incorporate as many trending gadgets into your home as this increasingly accepted technology adapts to updated modifications in several gadgets.