Sony wh-ch510 headphone review

Headphones are an absolute necessity in today’s world. Whether you are a gamer aiming to create the perfect set-up for your Call of Duty matches, a student attempting to drown out your peers’ parties during exam week, or someone trying to enjoy music on their daily commute, headphones are your best friend.

The best sound experience on a budget? Look no further than Sony’s WH-CH510 headphones! These headphones provide premium sound quality and an easy-to-use interface at a highly affordable price.

Sony’s WH-CH510 headphones boast excellent sound quality, a long battery life, a sleek design, Siri and Google Assistant compatibility, and are designed for portability and comfort. In this review, you’ll get a detailed description of this headphone’s features, which this product is ideal for, and some of its drawbacks. Are you ready to learn more about these headphones? Let’s dive into the ultimate review of the Sony WH-CH510!

Sony: The Quintessential Spot for Wireless Headphones

Sony is a household name and for good reason! It has been a trusted brand for anyone looking for quality electronics at various prices. Sony prides itself on building products that last. The brand’s over 70 years of commitment to innovation have made it synonymous with cutting-edge technology and high-quality designs.

Exciting Features to Expect from Sony WH-CH510 Headphone

Sony WH-CH510 Headphone Features & Price

Choosing the best Bluetooth headphones can be daunting, with seemingly endless options. So what sets Sony WH-CH510 apart? For most headphone users, a premium pair of headphones can be a big commitment, especially if you’re not a professional sound designer or video editor. You might be better off with a pair with all the ideal features while not breaking the bank. Let’s see why Sony WH-CH510 is your perfect pair of headphones!

1. Sound Quality – All About the Bass

What makes the WH-CH510 stand out from the rest is its 30 mm drivers. This means you get decent bass and treble with clear sound quality. If you love low-end frequencies and wish to enhance them, these headphones are for you. This makes them the perfect choice for us music lovers who need our daily dose of Spotify to get through the day.

2. Compatibility – Phone Assistant

The WH-CH510 is compatible with virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. This means that you can use these assistants without touching your phone, with just a button. This can be ideal when you’re working on something that requires you to be hands-free. You can access these assistants by pressing the centre button on your headset’s right ear cup.

3. Charging – Type-C Charging 

The WH-CH510 charges with a type-C port, meaning you can charge your headset with the same pair of chargers as your phone. 

4. Battery Life: Excellent Battery Life

With 35 hours of battery life, the WH-CH510 is your ideal companion for those on the go. Whether on the road or working on a long project, these headphones will serve you well without dying on you. They also charge entirely in under 2 hours and last for 35 hours!

5. Price Factor – Affordability

The WH-CH510 is among the most affordable Bluetooth headphones, costing only Rs. 4990. They are also almost always available on shopping sites with deals and offers, often leading to a nearly 50% price drop. 

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Other Features – Sony WH-CH510 Headphone

Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Connectivity

Now that you know all about the highlights of the Sony WH-CH510, let us get to the basics. Here is everything you want to know about the headphone’s appearance, usability, and comfort level.


The Sony WH-CH510 is relatively minimal yet attractive, reflecting decency. It is made of quality plastic with a stippled finish and comes in black and blue colour options, giving it a sleek finish. Moreover, its build is quite durable and should not break anytime soon.

These headsets are also very adjustable, with adjustable headbands and angled ear cups. The headphones have a sleek design, perfectly stylish for making a statement while simultaneously looking sophisticated.

Comfort Level

The WH-CH510 is among the most comfortable headphones on the market. They are lightweight and come with cushioned ear cups. This makes the Sony WH-CH510 perfect for long hours of use without uneasiness. 

The adjustable headband makes these headphones big-head as well as small-head friendly. The swivel ear cups of these headsets also rotate to about a 90-degree angle, making them easy to wear and store without damage.

User Interface

The WH-CH510 has a mic and sensors integrated into the right ear cup. You also get simple control buttons for volume and play/pause on the same cup. These are ergonomic buttons for ease of access, including large power and custom buttons. The ear cup also contains a USB-C port for charging and comes with a type-C charging cable. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Sony WH-CH510 features the 5.0 version of Bluetooth and a few other wireless connecting abilities. It supports NFC pairing, meaning you can pair your Android and iOS devices in a flash. They also boast a wireless range is upto 30 feet!

Apart from that, Sony offers you 2 different streaming options to enhance your experience. These include AAC and SBC codecs. However, the performance of these Bluetooth codecs will significantly depend on your device.

Pros & Cons of Sony WH-CH510 Headphone

So, do you think the Sony WH-CH510 headphones are for you? Here is a quick round of the pros and cons of the WH-CH510 to help you decide.


  • Good bass
  • Sleek and Sturdy build
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Support Siri and Google Assistant
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Value for money


  • No active noise cancellation
  • No app integration for customization
  • Slightly delayed voice output 
  • The plastic build can feel less premium


The Sony WH-CH510 is an extremely battery-efficient and affordable headset model which offers good sound quality, comfort, and battery life without costing an arm and a leg. These are the perfect headphones for people who need a budget wireless headphone option for everyday use. They may not be the best pick for professional sound designers and video editors, but for those of us looking for a hands-free headset for normal use, they are an ideal pair. Get the Sony WH-CH510 today and listen without worry!