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With over 2 billion active audiences, Instagram is one of the most-loved social media platforms. This number makes it crucial for every brand to use the platform and thrive in their business.

However, with regular changes in the algorithm, it is difficult to understand the right way to curate Instagram marketing strategies. Whether you are a seasoned Instagram expert or just got done with the business page – get ready to become a pro at this!

This is an insightful blog to help you leverage the power of Instagram. Keep reading and drive ultimate engagement and traffic.

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Why Is It Important To Have Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Instagram is a perfect place to grow your brand’s awareness and attract leads. Moreover, if your audience group lies between 16 and 34 years, Instagram is the go-to place for you.

Some of the highly effective ways to promote your products and services on Instagram are:

  • Content: Posting attractive pictures, reels, videos, and stories are some organic ways
  • Paid content: Pushing well-researched content and copies through Instagram ads, story ads, and shopping ads
  • Instagram influencer marketing: Leveraging user-generated content to promote products by sharing real experiences
  • Shopping tools: Using shopping tabs, product tags, and Instagram’s checkout feature to influence the customer to make a purchase

Now that you know the multiple ways to push content, it’s time to execute it. Let us explore Instagram marketing strategies in the following section.

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6 Evergreen Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Work For Every Brand

Simply put, Instagram is a visual aid for people to enjoy and engage with engaging content. Keeping this core purpose in mind, different brands create innovative content to scale their business.


This is the time to rethink your Instagram branding strategy using these actionable tips.

Profile Optimization

This is an unsaid rule to abide by when using an Instagram business profile. There is a variety of unique features in the profile, and you need to be wise to take advantage of those. Here are some basic details you can update:

  • Contact information, including email IDs, phone numbers, and location
  • Add a category to the page so that your target audience can discover your brand
  • Include catchy call-to-action buttons to initiate action

Create a Basic Instagram Content Strategy

You cannot execute Instagram marketing strategies until you have an Instagram content strategy in place. Using this technique, it is possible to leverage Instagram ads and optimize the content for better reach and engagement.

Hence, below are some hacks to create a basic Instagram content strategy:

  • Have pre-defined goals based on which you can take efforts in creating the content
  • Spend time in keyword research and hashtags to understand the type of posts your competitors are posting
  • Create an audience persona based on what they might like and dislike
  • Follow multiple brands on Instagram to decode their USP and create your own based on the research

Engagement Strategy

As much as Instagram content strategy is the backbone, engagement strategy is the soul of your account. Many followers are hesitant to reach out to big brands because they don’t get a response.

Imagine someone visiting your brand’s outlet, and nobody entertains them! Disappointing right? Avoid doing this to people who comment on your post and send messages.

Therefore, create an engagement strategy to streamline the process and make your audiences feel heard.

Track your Numbers

As a business, it is essential to chase numbers!

Instagram provides detailed insight into your business account. It would be sad not to make the best of those numbers.

For instance, your numbers might suggest that more females are engaging with your account. In such a case, you can make more female-centric content to attract more people.

Additionally, you can include a gender-neutrality perspective to engage more audiences who might be interested. Here are some numbers you can chase:

  • Reach: To know about the number of unique accounts you have reached
  • Sales: Weigh the conversion rate based on sales through Instagram
  • Saves: Understand whether your audiences are liking your posts or not

Let your Product/Service be the Superhero

As a business, seeing random content on your profile would be distracting for your viewers. Hence, while curating a posting strategy for Instagram, you must keep your product or service at the center.

Even though you talk more about your product, it doesn’t have to be promotional or pushy for the audience. You can adapt content creation strategies like posting product teasers, customer reviews, multiple uses of your product, or interesting information around it.

Give Voice and Purpose to your Brand

An excellent Instagram branding strategy is to add a purpose behind your business.

As you grow, your account should have a voice of its own. For instance, people should be able to recognize your content even when they are not necessarily engaging with you.

You can create a unique brand presence so that people know that only your business can develop such campaigns.

Pro tip: Tapping your audience’s emotion is the trick to leaving a mark.

Wrapping Up

The 6 best practices highlighted above apply to brands of all categories and sizes.

Still wondering how effective is Instagram marketing? You would be surprised to know that the algorithm shapes itself per your account’s needs. Thus, all you need is a good start and consistent efforts.

From optimization to unique content creation – you can experiment with anything and everything. Eventually, you will learn and decode what works best for your brand.

With these evergreen secrets in your arsenal, you will surely make a lasting impact on your audience. Let your brand touch the highest levels of success!