Solo Travel Tips for first time travellers

Have you ever considered going on a trip alone? Anyone who has ever travelled alone has fallen in love with the experience of it.

We’ve got the greatest Solo Travel Tips to help you have a fantastic solo adventure.

People often go on solo trips to discover themselves and learn more about who they are. The experience of spending time in your own company shows you that you don’t need someone else to feel complete. Being alone is good for your soul and can even help you deal with problems like depression, worry, and stress.

Before we hop on to the tips for traveling alone, let’s list things needed for solo traveller.

Things you need as a Solo Traveller

Solo Travel Essentials

A little preparation can go a long way towards ensuring that your next solo adventure is one you will remember. Here is a list of things you must carry for your trip.

You’ll need your phone, which goes without saying. Most of us use it primarily for the camera. But it can store digital versions of guidebooks, maps, translators, currency and measurement changers, music, films and books. It’s also a GPS, a computer, and a torch. It can replace a laptop, make free calls to other countries if connected to Wi-Fi, and give you the latest weather information. And yes, it is a phone that can help you stay in touch with friends and family.

Along with this, you will also need:

  • Phone charger
  • Portable power bank
  • Earbuds
  • Compact umbrella
  • Few Ziploc bags
  • Hydration or electrolytes packets
  • Small first aid kit along with essential medicines
  • Adapter
  • IDs
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Cash
  • Vaccine documents

Add only a few important items to your backpack. You can pick up the essential ones from the list above, depending on your needs. But first, prepare a checklist to make sure you remember everything.

Now let us start with our solo travel guide.

Best Solo Travel Tips for Traveling Alone

First Time Solo Travellers Experience

Add important numbers to your phone

Save important numbers on your phone before you leave. Ask the front desk staff at your hotel or hostel to help you add local phone numbers to your phone, like the number for your hotel or hostel.

Check the ratings before booking  a hostel

You don’t want to land in a hostel or hotel only to find that it looks nothing like the pictures. The best way to be sure is to look at the general rating and the number of reviews. If only one person thinks the hotel is worth 5 stars, think again.

Meet people

Meeting people from different countries and backgrounds can teach you much and give you a broader view of the world. You can also make friends and meet up with them worldwide.

Step outside your comfort zone

The best way to grow is to step outside your comfort zone and come out of your shell. Meet new people, do things you wouldn’t usually do at home, and try new things.

Join free walking tours

Whenever you can, go on free walking walks. It’s a great way to meet other backpackers, get to know the city and learn about its history, culture and evolution.

Credit and cash should be divided

Whether this is your first solo vacation or your tenth, it’s a good idea to spread out your cash and credit cards rather than putting everything in one wallet. This is a foolproof plan if you are worried about being robbed or losing your wallet or waist pouch.

Keep extra copies of important documents

If you have a copy of your passport and lose the original, replacing it is significantly easier. Always have a duplicate of your most vital documents on hand before you leave.

Try to get to your next place during the day

It is far less intimidating to go from the airport or railway station to your lodgings during the day when you can see your surroundings, and there are plenty of people around and stores open to ask for directions.

Consult with the locals

Whenever you go, talk to the hotel/restaurant or cafe staff or bus drivers for their suggestions on where to go.

Maintain a Journal

When you’re dining alone, this will give you something to do while also helping you remember the details of your conversations and experiences.

These were some general tips for first-time solo travellers. But let us now have a look at tips for solo female travellers.

Solo Travel Tips for Female Travellers

Solo Tips for first time female travellers

Don’t forget to pack your feminine hygiene items

While you can always locate toothpaste and shampoo, you may need help finding feminine hygiene items, especially if you have a brand preference. While the added heft of tampons and pads may be annoying on a long journey, having them ready is reassuring.

Carry a sarong and a scarf

The sarong can be worn to the beach as a beach towel, wrap, skirt, or even a light sheet. The scarf can be worn as an accessory to dress up your tops and to keep your neck warm.

Avoid going to deserted areas

Don’t wander about at night or during the day in unfamiliar, isolated regions. Inquire with the hotel about safe walking routes, taxi availability, and the requirement for their use after dark.

Though caution and safety should always come first, venturing out may still be fun. The most rewarding travel experiences come from venturing beyond one’s habits and routines.

Ending Notes

We hope these Solo Travel Tips inspire you to embark on your solo travel adventure soon. Sometimes you feel out of place, but the rewards and excitement of travelling on your own far outweigh any potential discomfort.

The most important thing we learn through experiencing life and travel on our own is that we can deal with whatever comes our way. When you’re on your own, you must rely entirely on yourself. And at those moments, we find out exactly who and what we are.