5 amazon finds for your home needs

If you are anything like us, Amazon is a haven for you. In fact, you probably scroll through Amazon more than you do on Instagram. And you know what? There is no shame in that. In fact, we have here a tidbit of the good stuff. 

In this blog, we are going to indulge your e-shopping indulgence. So, here is a list of 5 Amazon finds that you must get your hands on, by hook or by crook. 

IONIX Activated Carbon Faucet Water Filter

ionix carbon faucet amazon finds

We know what you’re thinking. Any person starting a list of “must-haves” should probably not begin with a lousy water filter. However, trust us when we tell you this item is an absolute game-changer. 

This filter is an add-on filter for your regular faucets. The water we typically receive in our taps is from hard water sources. Therefore, they run rife with additives, chemicals, and suspended impurities. 

While this water is not harmful, per se, it can ruin your skin. We are discussing zits, dark heads, and porous skin throughout the year. Installing this filter significantly improves the water from your faucet before you use it. 

The filter is constructed with the following materials that work in tandem to purify your tap water. 

  • PVA non-woven fabric
  • Natural coconut shell-activated carbon
  • Zeolite
  • Calcium sulfite
  • Medical stone

Now, make no mistake. This filter does not reduce the TDS value of your tap water. Instead, it removes the physically separable impurities for you. With healthier water flowing through your faucets, you will see a notable improvement in your hair and skin health. 

With an IONIX-activated carbon filter, you need not worry about it becoming defunct. The filter can easily be disassembled and cleaned before using it again.

Zerfa 5 in 1 Soft Brush Multifunction Gadget Cleaner

5 amazon finds for your home needs

Think about the wax buildup in your earphones or the line of accumulated dirt on your phone speaker. The struggle of dealing with dirt stuck in the crevices of all your devices is real. The worst part is that using covers and guards means your device loses its aesthetic altogether. 

However, fret not. We have one of the best Amazon finds for you that will add a new dimension to your device care. 

The Zerfa 5 in 1 multifunction gadget cleaner is a one-stop tool to keep your devices clean. It indeed imagines every device-cleaning scenario and offers a solution for it. 

For instance, if you’ve managed to drop a few crumbs of food onto your keyboard, this kit has you covered. You can use the key-cap puller to remove the key without breaking it. Then you can use the corner gap duster to brush away the crumbs off the keyboard. 

Similarly, think of the line of dirt that has accumulated on your phone’s speaker. You can use the dual-sided earbud cleaning pen to extract the dirt almost entirely. One side of this pen is a soft flocking sponge, and on the other, a metal tip. 

Therefore, if you have neglected your phone for a year, you will find this tool handy. You can scrape away the dirt and then use the sponge to clean it up thoroughly. Buy this tool, and you will never be disgusted looking at your earphones again!

Tag8 Dolphin Smart Tracker

Tag 8 Dolphin Smart Tracker

If you lose your phone, you can use the GPS tracking feature to locate it. But what if you lose your house keys? Or worse, what if you lose your bag with all your valuables inside it? We can only imagine the anxiety somebody would feel if that happened.

Luckily, you stumbled upon yet another Amazon essential product when you clicked on this blog. So, here is what you need to know about the tag8 Dolphin smart tracker device. 

It runs on a long-lasting battery and connects to your phone and GPS using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. When you buy the device, you can download the Dolphin Tracker app and register your tracker with your phone. 

This is where you will truly appreciate the ingenuity of this device. The tracker will send a warning if you go out of its range. If you go out of range, the app will show you where it disconnected from your device. 

Above and beyond that, you will have your own Dolphin Police looking for any tagged item that you’ve marked as ‘lost’ on your app. This means that every person using a Dolphin Tracker app can look for the tagged item you have lost. 

The tracker also has an in-built function where it will ping off other devices with the app when lost. This way, you can ascertain the last accessed location of the device in real-time! 

We rest easy knowing that our belongings are being tracked. It’s time you shared this peace with us!

Thermomate Electronic Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

thermomate digital luggage

Imagine you are packing for a long-awaited vacation. You have to keep the weight of your luggage within your airline’s allowance. So, you first get on the weighing scale and measure yourself. Then you pick up the suitcase or bag and measure the total weight.

Once you’ve gotten off, the calculator app subtracts your weight from the total weight. 

As ridiculous as it sounds, we’ve all been there. But never again. 

The Thermomate electronic digital luggage weighing scale makes that promise as long as your luggage is lighter than 50 kg. The device is a highly compact one. It’s small enough to even keep in your pocket. 

It has a handle towards the top and a hook for the luggage at the bottom. All you need to do is hook the handle of your bag or suitcase and lift it using the weighing scale’s handle. 

The bright LCD screen will tell you the exact weight of the piece of luggage. And now you can either remove a few party dresses or pack another pair of dress shoes!

Amaze 2-Tier Over-Sink Dish Rack

Amaze Over Sink Dish Rack

This cool Amazon find holds a special place in our Indian hearts. If you’ve been a desi family member long enough, you will realise that the kitchen counter is seldom empty. Why? At any point, one freshly washed utensil is drying itself out on the kitchen counter. 

We are running out of space, with more homes being constructed with modular kitchens. However, the Amaze 2-tier over-sink dish rack is your solution to create space out of nothing. 

The rack takes advantage of the empty square footage above the sink, creating a convenient racking location for your utensils. Made of premium stainless steel, the rack is large enough for a motley of utensil combinations. Moreover, you will never have to worry about slipping near the sink. All the water from the washed utensils goes directly into the sink!

It’s probably time to upgrade your kitchen into a functional space. This is one of the best Amazon bargain finds to help you do that!

Final Words

Rather than looking at these products as expenditures, consider them investments. You get better skin, a cleaner phone, security for your belongings, and an organised kitchen!

The products that we have listed here are absolute home essentials. Even if you feel they are not a ‘need’ for your life, we assure you of an easier life with them. We believe anything that can add value to your daily flow is worth investing in. So, invest away!