Home Decor Ideas for Living Room Amazon India

Are you planning on giving a makeover to your home décor? Aim to be your imaginative best!  If you’re wondering how to decorate living room in low budget, we’ve got your back. 

But, if you’re like most people, indulging in home decor projects makes your heart flutter, but it guilt-trips you due to overstepping the budget. But guess what? We’ve got something exciting brewing on our budget-friendly home decor list! And here’s the cherry on top – everything comes with a price tag under ₹1,500. Yes, you read that right. 

So why wait? It’s time to dive into a world of decor wonders that won’t drain your wallet. Your cart is waiting – let’s make those decor dreams a reality! 

10 Home Decor Items Under ₹1,500 You Can Buy on Amazon 

Amazon is a great place to shop for home decor items within your means. It offers an excellent variety of products and decoration options. So, whether you are a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between, it has something for every taste and budget.  

Just sit back, relax, and check out the best budget-friendly room decor items on Amazon India. 

1. Decorative Carved Wooden Wall Mirror Frame

Wooden Wall Mirror Frame

What is this?  

It is a handmade decorative wooden framed mirror carved to provide a distressed and antique look. The mirror frame is available in brown, which can be a perfect companion for your foyer wall. 

Where to use it?  

You can use this carved wall mirror as an accent piece on a wall. You can place it in your living room or foyer for a stunning effect to elevate your living room.  

Looks best: On white, cream, or grey walls   

Cost: ₹1,299 

2. Designer Wooden Foldable Table 

Wooden Foldable Table

What is this?  

This cute little handmade wooden folding table is foldable and fits into any corner due to its small size. It is available in brown and has carvings to give your living room a classy look. This wooden coffee table is a perfect addition to any corner!  

Where to use it?  

You can use this foldable table in your living room to keep a vase or potted plants. You can also place it by the sides of your furniture to keep showpieces.  

Works best: In a cozy setup with plants or flowers set beside it   

Cost: ₹999  

3. Jute & Cotton Round Hand Woven Rug 

Jute Hand Woven Rug

What is this?  

It is a braided jute carpet with colorful braids at the rim of the rug that is round and reversible. The rug is available in five dimensions to fit your space. It is a perfect way to add a dash of color to your living room.  

Where to use it?  

The rug has a rustic charm and fits right in your living room. You can place a small coffee table on it or floor cushions next to it.   

Works best: To make your room feel warmer and cozier    

Cost:  ₹999 

4. Antique Candle Holders 

Antique Candle Holders

What is this?  

These are three mango wood candle holders available in teal color with a rustic finish. The best feature of these antique candle holders is that they cover the entire candle’s length!  

Where to use it?  

You can use it on a coffee or a standing side table in the corner. You can also use these as centerpieces for your dining table.  

Works best: In a traditional setup with plenty of polished wooden finishes  

Cost: ₹749  

5. Classic-Style Table Lamp

Budget Friendly Home Decor Table Lamp

What is this?  

It is a wooden table lamp providing vintage vibes from its classically carved base. It also has a round hardback lampshade made of linen fabric with light subbing. This vintage lamp is an ideal bedside companion for bibliophiles.   

Where to use it?  

You can keep it beside your bed or on a table in the study.   

Works best: In a room with a rich color scheme having antique elements 

Cost: ₹1,499  

6. Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser  

Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

What is this?  

It is a ceramic aroma diffuser for burning aromatic oils or camphor and works as a night lamp.  

Where to use it?  

You can use it anywhere in the living room and keep it on side tables.  

Works best: In a setup with brightly colored walls or soft furnishings   

Cost: ₹678 

7. Handmade Terracotta Pots

Handmade Terracotta Pots

What is this?  

These hand-painted burnt ceramic pots are suitable as showpieces for tables and shelves. These are available in different colors and designs, inspired by the indigenous art of the Warli tribe.   

Where to use it?  

It is an affordable budget home decor that one can keep on display or corner decoration shelves.   

Works best: In a room with earthy colors and rustic finishes   

Cost:  ₹949 

8. Decorative Wall Clock  

Budget Friendly Home Decor Decorative Wall Clock

What is this?  

A classic powder-coated matte black finish wall clock that adds elegance to your living room. It has large and easy-to-read classic numerals with premium built quality.  

Where to use it?  

You can put it on a wall visible from the most significant number of points in the house.   

Works best: On a white or cream-colored wall   

Cost: ₹1,249    

9. Copper Planter with Stand

Copper Planter with Stand

What is this? 

A floor-standing copper planter with a gold-metal stand to give your room some glam and gloss.   

Where to use it?  

You can place it in any sunny spot or corner of your home and grow an indoor plant.    

Works best: In a minimal glam home where the glossy copper finish matches the room’s accent  

Cost: ₹999 

10. Matte Finish Vase