Tired of experimenting with several over-the-counter hair products? We are not sure if any of them had any effect on your hair, but they certainly had an impact on your wallet. Nothing is better than homemade hair treatment for your dry and dull hair.

If you are worried about the ingredients or the efforts, fret not. These are the best hair remedies for hair growth. Want to know why? Here are a few reasons:

  • You can avoid the use of harmful chemicals found in many store-bought alternatives
  • Dry hair can be treated with inexpensive, all-natural ingredients in your kitchens
  • Home cures have the potential to be both cost and time effective

So let us begin with homemade hair treatments for hair growth.

Best Hair Remedies for Hair Growth

Here are the best natural hair remedies for hair loss. Say hello to shiny, manageable hair from the comfort of your kitchen.

Hot Oil Treatment


A hot oil treatment could be helpful if your hair is dry, brittle, frizzy, chemically treated, or prone to split ends.

Which oil is to be used?

  • If your hair is usually oily, you should use an oil with less fat. Jojoba and almond oils are good picks because they are usually quickly absorbed. This helps keep your hair and head from getting greasy
  • Because it is thick and moisturising, coconut oil may be better for dry hair

How to do a hot oil treatment

  • Warm the oil in a medium-sized pot. You can even microwave it for a few seconds Overheating will cause damage to your scalp. Check that it is lukewarm, not hot
  • Wrap your hair in a towel after massaging it with warm oil
  • After 30 minutes, unwrap and wash with a gentle shampoo

Fenugreek Seeds Mask


You might wonder how to make a homemade hair mask from fenugreek seeds. This hair pack effectively manages dry scalp and even clears dandruff.

How to make it

Soak 2 tablespoons of methi seeds (also called fenugreek) in water overnight. Do not discard the water. Grind into a paste with 1 tablespoon of curd and apply this paste on the scalp and along the length of the hair. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, then rinse your hair.

Banana Mask


Bananas are high in potassium and contain a lot of water to treat dry hair. This home made treatment for hair fall also helps stop split ends, soften hair, and make it more springy.

How to make it

To get these benefits, mash up one banana. Add a teaspoon each of olive oil, coconut oil, and honey. Mix and spread it all over your hair, from the roots to the ends. Let it be on for 30 minutes, then use warm water to wash it off.

Yogurt Hair Mask


Yogurt has protein, vitamin B5, and vitamin D, all of which help hair grow. Since yogurt has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help calm the hair and reduce dandruff. The lactic acid in yogurt helps remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the hair.

Here are a few hair mask ideas that use wonder-ingredient yogurt as part of a comprehensive hair care regimen.

Yogurt, Olive Oil, and LemonOlive oil and yogurt are both excellent hair conditioners. Lemon helps to keep the pH of the hair balanced. 1
) Mix 1 tablespoo
n of olive oil and 1 cup of yogurt in a bowl. 2) Mix some water with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. 3)  Use the yogurt-oil blend on hair that is still wet. Keep it for 20 minutes. 4) Use warm water to rinse your hair. 5)
Use lemon water to wash your hair at the end
Yogurt and HoneyHoney makes your hair soft, removes dandruff, and stops hair loss. 1) Mix half a cup of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey. 2) Use this mix on your hair from the roots to the ends. 3) Leave the yogurt and honey mixture on for about 30 minutes. 4)
Wash your hair with a mild shampoo

Ending Notes

You have to remember one thing when trying out homemade hair treatment. When you use OTC products, they will give you instant results but be harmful in the long run. But in the case of home remedies, it might take time for the results to reflect, but in the long run, your hair will thank you for the extra effort.