Sustainable Fashion Practices

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, the clothing industry is turning into a place where style meets conscience. Each action of yours certainly affects the planet in a good or bad way.

But who said sustainable fashion is not as vibrant as fast fashion? This article will focus on the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry without compromising on your wardrobe collection.

Let’s enter a world where your style is backed by purpose!  

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion

The clothing industry is responsible for emitting 4% to 10% of total greenhouse gases every year! That’s not a good number considering our already fragile ecosystem.

Sustainable fashion is an all-inclusive term that indicates your clothes are made of practices and materials that don’t harm anyone on this earth. It also means that these practices are helpful and environmentally friendly in the long term.

Some effective ways to cut down on fast fashion sustainability include minor practices like:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Calling out overproduction
  • Redirecting factory waste
  • Following practices to support biodiversity
  • Ensuring fair wages and working conditions for people in the garment industry

These practices are effective but don’t have an in-depth effect. Additionally, there are very few brands that follow these practices, which makes it complex to resolve.

This means you need it’s the consumer’s responsibility to change the way they buy or wear clothes. Ready to rethink your habits? Head on to the following section and understand what you can do to follow conscious fashion habits.

9 Ways To Build Your Wardrobe While Practicing Sustainable Fashion

9 Ways to build sustainable 

If not you, who will care for the environment? The industry, as a whole, cannot become sustainable with one click. However, you can decide and start practising sustainable fashion today.

Below are 9 mindful practices to follow without compromising on your style quotient.

Consume Less And Rethink More

Why would brands produce more if you consume less? Instead of shopping impulsively, you can question your choices at every step.

The trick is to weigh your needs and wants. Moreover, if you are not going to wear a piece of clothing 30 times, you are simply adding up to the waste. 

Be Aware of Sustainable Fashion Brands

There are plenty of brands following sustainable fashion ethics genuinely. You can get in touch with them and understand the way they work.

If not, as a consumer, you can contribute to their efforts by donating or investing in the brand.

Do More Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is the recent trend that allows you to purchase used clothes that are in good condition. By doing this, you are not only buying new clothes but also preventing them from landing in dump yards.

To support this idea, multiple businessmen have come up with platforms to help people thrift across the nation. 

Rent Your Clothes

Investing in clothes that you are not going to wear often is not logical anymore. It is not only a waste of resources but also money.

To avoid this, you can rent exclusive party wears or clothing from premium brands. Just like you, there are plenty of people who are ready to rent out their clothes.

Research The Materials You Wear

Sustainable fashion facts

Sadly, many brands use words like eco-friendly clothing and conscious fashion without truly backing up their claims.

In such cases, you need to know what you are choosing. For instance, do detailed research on the material and fabric to see how it impacts the environment. As a rule of thumb, you can avoid synthetic fibre as much as you can.

Similarly, all-natural fabrics are produced differently. You need to create a habit of buying more clothes that have sustainable production.

Think About The People Who Made Your Clothes

Sustainable fashion is not just about the earth and environment; it is also about the people! There are millions of garment industry workers who face ordeals in their profession.

Starting from low wages to exploitation and harsh working conditions – there is a need to reform the practices for them. With less consumption, the brands will likely reduce the workload on their workers.

Support Budding Businesses With Eco-friendly clothing

Environmentally friendly clothing might be rare, but it still exists. You need to find budding brands and clothing labels that working hard to position their business in the industry.

In addition to reducing harmful impacts on the environment, it is essential to restore soil health and fertility. Keep looking for brands that are considerate of the environment! 

Avoid Flushing Microplastics

Only if it was possible to avoid microplastics altogether! Understandably, there is a great demand for activewear which includes elastane and nylon. However, you can still make a difference!

All you need to do is add a microplastic filter while washing to avoid flushing them into water resources. Moreover, you can get a filter bag and add your clothes to it while washing. 

Reuse And Reduce Wastage

If you are constantly torn between wearing old clothes and trying new styles, repurposing is your solution. Instead of spending money on new clothing, you can repurpose your existing clothes and give them a second life.

Other ways to repurpose include donating to charities, making DIY projects, and adding them to recycling schemes.

Final Thoughts

Sustainable fashion brands

Sustainable fashion is a conscious choice you make every day. Many people bombard questions like “How does sustainable fashion help the environment?”

While it may not help immediately in the coming years, it will show results in the long run. After exploring all the options in conscious fashion practices, it is abundantly clear that our choices have an impact.

Remember, if you are still wondering why do we need sustainable fashion, you are not entirely convinced. Let us understand that it’s not about doing everything; it’s about everyone doing something for the planet.  

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