Exploring Korean Skincare Routine and Trends

Korean culture has taken the world by storm. From music to food to beauty, they know how it’s done! But one thing everyone notices is their gorgeous smooth skin. Glass skin is one of the popular Korean skincare trends that has everyone hooked.

Gone are the days of heavy, cakey makeup to achieve a flawless look. Skincare has now taken the stage, and the renowned Korean beauty industry is leading the way!

Remember when the COSRX snail mucin and fermented rice water had the Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram beauty communities in an absolute chokehold? That’s because Korean skincare is superior, and they understand skin like no other.

They emphasize using high-grade active ingredients and gentle natural formulations. Not to mention combining exceptional innovation and technology that take their products to another level.

Are you craving that glassy, dewy, glowy skin? We don’t believe in gatekeeping; you can get it too! So without further ado, here are some popular and effective Korean skincare trends and routines you can follow to get your dream skin.

Why is Korean Beauty All the Rage?

popular Korean skincare trends and routine

What sets the Korean beauty industry apart is their belief in prevention before cure. Their philosophy centers on protecting and nourishing the skin for a radiant and healthy complexion. Moreover, they focus on long-lasting results by prioritizing hydration and maintaining skin health.

Their approach aims to nourish the skin from the inside out, targeting the deepest skin layers. For example, they incorporate sunscreen and moisturizers in their skincare routine before waiting for wrinkles and dark spots to take action. However, it’s never too late to amp up your skincare routine.

Popular K-Beauty Trends and Routines for Flawless Skin

The ultimate goal for Korean skincare is to find a tailored process that works best for you. So while looking for the best Korean skincare brands to purchase new products, you must know your skin type.

Here are the popular skincare trends. We will then dive into the skincare routine.

1. Honey and Glass Skin

Koreans love a natural look. Honey skin doesn’t mean applying a bunch of honey to the face. Instead, it means layering hydrating products to moisturize and brighten the skin. Glass skin entails having a smooth, poreless texture while retaining a natural glow. The aim is to achieve the most glow possible without using cosmetics. Apply toner after cleaning your face, then a serum or moisturizer to boost your skin’s brightness, finishing with a face mist.

2. Slugging

Facial slugging is super effective for dry skin. This fashion calls for applying a small coating of an occlusive ointment on your skin before bed, such as petroleum jelly or balm. It keeps the moisture in and stops trans-epidermal water loss at night. Once rinsed off in the morning, leaving, the skin has a natural glow.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, slugging isn’t for you since it can trap germs and dead skin cells overnight and cause outbreaks.    

3. Fermented and Plant-Based Ingredients

The latest trend involves promoting vegan ingredients and eco-friendly packaging for Korean beauty products. Due to their reusability, wash-off masks have surpassed single-use sheet masks in popularity. Additionally, fermented ingredients have anti-aging properties and can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Additionally, the trend focuses on eco-friendly packaging, sustainable goods, and substances derived from plants. Researchers and cosmeticians are finding extraordinary qualities in plants and vegetables, such as red onions.

4. One-Minute Rule

The Korean one-minute rule revolutionizes the use of skincare products. 

It involves spending a minute carefully massaging an oil-based cleaner into the skin to ensure thorough dirt dissolving and extraction from pores. After that, hydrating formula is massaged onto the skin for an additional minute to improve absorption.

By following this routine, your skin will experience improved cleansing and enhanced product absorption.

Korean Skincare Routine

Korean K-beauty Skincare Routine

The normal Korean skincare regimen usually comprises many stages carried out in a particular order. The routine’s main step-by-step outline is shown below:

  • Double Cleansing: Use an oil-based cleanser to remove sunscreen and makeup, then a water-based one to clean your skin.
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation is key to eliminating dead skin cells and encouraging skin regeneration should be done monthly or biweekly.
  • Toner: Use a moisturizing toner to balance the skin’s pH levels and prepare it to absorb further products.
  • Essence: It is unique to a Korean skincare routine. It uses fermented ingredients to hydrate and protect the skin, like the COSRX snail mucin. Applying a thin, watery essence on the skin will hydrate and enhance skin texture.
  • Treatment/Serum: Use concentrated serums or ampoules to target certain skin issues, including hydration, anti-aging, or brightness.
  • Sheets Masks: Use sheet masks drenched in powerful serums to give the skin great hydration and nutrition. Usually, this step is carried out 1-2 times each week. Use the excess product for your neck and other body parts. Don’t let the good stuff go to waste.
  • Eye Cream: Applying an under-eye cream moisturizes and alleviates issues like dark circles, puffiness, or fine wrinkles. They come in a gel, cream or oil formula.
  • Moisturizer: This is the most important step. Use a moisturizer to keep the skin’s moisture barrier safe and to seal in moisture.
  • Sunscreen: Using broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, even on overcast days, with a minimum SPF of 30+, shields the skin from UV radiation.

Depending on their unique requirements, some people could add additional phases to their program, such as spot treatments, face oils, or sleeping packs. It’s essential to remember that Korean skincare strongly emphasizes consistency and gives the skin the attention it needs.


Korean skincare trends have taken the world by storm because of its effectiveness. However, consult a doctor for a personalized skin analysis before spending money on skincare. They’ll advise you on dos and don’ts and assist you in selecting items that are right for you. This will enable you to make informed purchases and avoid wasting money on products that may not suit your unique needs. Here’s to making wise decisions and achieving your dream skin!

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